LUBBOCK, Texas — August 28 marks one year since Margie Johnson, 69, lost her life as the result of a drive-by shooting in East Lubbock. Her granddaughter, Nakia Johnson, asked the community for help ahead of the solemn day for her family.

The shooting was August 15, 2022, at 1:07 a.m. in the 2700 block of East Colgate Street. Police said Margie was simply sitting in her recliner when she was struck by gunfire and seriously injured.

  • Margie Johnson poster, Lubbock

Another family member woke up after the gunfire but thought he was only dreaming. He got up and noticed Margie in her chair. When he urged her to go to bed, that’s when he noticed she was unresponsive and had been shot, a police report said.

An officer wrote in the report, “The glass door was shattered, and I observed multiple bullet holes in the windows on the south side of the residence as I entered.”

The report also said, “Neighbors advised of seeing a white or light-colored passenger car that they believed to be involved.”

Margie was taken to University Medical Center where she later died.

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“My grandma deserves justice,” Nakia said. “She never did anything to anyone. And for someone to take her away from us, like, is just not fair.”

Nakia came to the KAMC, KLBK studio Friday with a homemade poster in hand — displaying images and a handwritten message. Along the top, the poster heralded the word “justice.” Along the sides and bottom, in the same style of glittery letters clearly crafted with deep love, were the words “for my grandma Margie Faye Johnson.”

Her shirt, in Dallas Cowboys colors and with a flowing font, spelled out the words “gone but not forgotten.” Three images of Margie and six decorative Cowboys stars could be seen across the front of Nakia’s shirt.

Despite the announcement of a $5,000 Crime Line reward at the time of Margie’s death, Nakia said there has been no update.

“She was minding her businesses — a safe space. For her to be taken away, it’s hard,” Nakia said.

Nakia described her emotions as upset, mad, angry, frustrated and everything else you could think of. Nakia said she was also trying to keep her grandmother’s name alive, “… until we get justice.”

“If anyone knows anything that happened the night of the shooting, anything at all that might help us, please, please reach out,” Nakia said.

Callers to Crime Line, 806-741-1000, can remain anonymous and might be eligible for a cash reward.