LUBBOCK, Texas — It has been two years this month since city council approved the new downtown civic park. 2022 was a big year for the project, and 2023 will be another step closer to it being completed.

Earlier this summer, the old Lubbock Power & Light building was demolished to make room for where the park will stand. For a while, it looked like a big hole in the ground. However, now, that ground has been filled in and leveled.

All demolition was completed last week, and now the fundraising committee is gearing up to “hit the ground running” in 2023.

Brad Moran, the chair of the fundraising committee said, “We’ve raised almost half the money to put the park together; it’s a $12.4 million goal.”

He added, “The City of Lubbock needs a downtown hub, some focal point that people will utilize and come to often and regularly and so we have kind of taken that on as our responsibility.”

Once complete, it will include a splash pad, a stage for entertainment, and plenty of seating plus more. However, in the new year, Moran said it will probably be on hold in terms of visible activity at the park.

He said the committee’s biggest effort now is to find a naming entity. It will take some time for that to be determined, but once all of the paperwork is sorted, construction can start.

Moran said the plan is to start construction towards the beginning of 2024, and they hope to have it open by the end of ’24 or early 2025.

The park is privately owned and will be managed separately from other Lubbock city parks.