LUBBOCK, Texas — Basketball isn’t the only madness happening in March. According to a study done by the Athena Health Network, vasectomy procedures increase by 30% in the month of March.

Dr. Pranav Sharma, an assistant professor in the department of Urology at Texas Tech Physicians said he also sees an influx of patients during the month of March who plan on recovering from the 30-minute procedure by watching the tournament. 

“Vasectomy is typically a little bit more popular, especially at the beginning of March primarily because of the March Madness Sports Tournament,” Dr. Sharma said.

Dr. Sharma said the marathon of games allows men to have the procedure and enjoy hours of basketball uninterrupted.

“There’s typically multiple games back-to-back every day in a row, and so it’s a good time for men to recover from a vasectomy,” Dr. Sharma said.

A procedure that some men believe is painful, Dr. Sharma said it only causes minor discomfort, but to make sure it’s what you and your partner want.

“They feel Tugging and pulling, but no pain … again, you want to be 100% sure before you commit to having a vasectomy, but it is definitely a lot safer compared to the alternative for women,” Dr. Sharma said.

Those on the couch for the tournament have to be wary of excited and upset reactions.

“They can’t be doing any heavy lifting or straining or vigorous activity for a period of about 5 to 7 days, so it’s a good window to watch a couple of games and relax on the couch,” Dr. Sharma said.