Veteran teachers prepare their classrooms for an uncertain year

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LUBBOCK, TX — Veteran teachers are stepping back into their classrooms for the first time in almost six months, and many are unsure of what this year will be like.

“Stressing because of the unknowns and the changes and just thinking about how our jobs as educators are going to change drastically,” said Lauren Smith President of the Lubbock Educators Association. 

But for Karen Litteral, who’s been teaching for 26 years, this year brings in conflicting emotions. 

“There’s times I’m nervous. I mean it’s just a crazy world out there right now and so I get nervous about that but then I also want to be back with the kids,” said Litteral. “It was hard on my heart to not be with them.”

Literal is planning on viewing this year as an opportunity, not only for the students, but for teachers to grow. 

“I think it keeps me on my toes. I can’t be stagnant and go, ‘Yup just another group of fifth graders,’ because every group is different,” said Litteral. 

Marla Childers, who has been teaching for more than 25 years, says she’s ready to take on what this year might bring. 

“I’m just excited and I’m ready to get going and even though I’ve been in it for 26 years, change doesn’t bother me. I think you either adapt or you die. I mean, we have to keep moving forward,” Childers said. 

While teachers all over may have some reservations about this upcoming year. Childers is confident that teachers can handle it. 

“Teachers aren’t afraid to go back to school, teachers aren’t afraid. I mean, come on, we drill active shooters, you know, we are not ‘afraid’ kind of people. We deal with high school students all day so it’s not a fear of going back to school,” said Childers. 

Both Litteral and Childers are choosing to take this year head on. 

“Teachers just do what it takes to help students be successful and it will be trying, but it won’t be any different this year we will get it done,” Childers said. 

Childers and Litteral aren’t really concerned about their own health as much as they are about the health and safety of their students. 

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