LUBBOCK, Texas — Three juveniles were arrested and charged in relation to an incident Sunday night.

Lubbock Police arrived at a residence near 116th Street and University Avenue around 7:30 p.m. for calls of a suspected burglary.

The victim told police he arrived home and found a dog he did not recognize. While investigating his property, he found three juveniles going through one of his garages. The victim held the juveniles at gun point. When police arrived, he was walking the juveniles to the front of the house.

“[The victim] advised that as he had [the juveniles] at gunpoint, two of the individuals dropped what they referred to as ‘pop guns’ on the ground as well as several knives that [the victim] recognized as his own,” the police report stated.

The son of the victim found a large amount of spray paint on his car as well as damage to the front and back windshields.

The juveniles were taken to Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center.