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LUBBOCK, Texas — One local landscape technician knows just how important it is to take proper care of your grass.

Tim Tucker said letting the grass grow is good and it’s healthy. He also said to not cut it more than a third of a blade.

“Keep your blade sharp when you cut. It’ll keep your yard from looking yellow. It’ll keep your grass green,” Tucker said.

Many of us overlook mosquitoes that live in the grass, but if your yard is clean, you’ll have fewer mosquitoes. Two ways to keep the mosquitoes away are by using a fogger in the evening or just a mosquito repellent.

The City of Lubbock said no matter what type of grass you have, it must be maintained a certain way.

If it isn’t, then you might be violating the city code.

Stuart Walker, director of code administration, said all properties with uncultivated vegetation have to be cut to 8 inches over the majority of the property.

“As of today, I’m sitting on 610 properties that are ready to be mowed right now. If somebody takes care of their property before we get out there, there is no fine. We don’t charge anything,” Walker said.

The city can charge $150 as an administration fee plus the cost of mowing. The mowing costs anywhere from $30 to $60.

The city is lenient if you’re having a scheduled mowing at the time of your violation. Although, some may not realize is that your alleyway must be taken care of too. If the alley isn’t taken care of, you might be fined for that as well.

If you notice a property that violates the city code, you can call the codes department or 3-1-1 and report the problem.

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