LUBBOCK, Texas — VXI Global Solutions was one of the many businesses that announced an expansion in the Hub City. The company made the announcement Tuesday for its Contact Center location, opening 350 full-time positions to meet recent client demand.

“Based on our performance and our trajectory, the client stated, ‘Hey, we want to give you guys a little bit more business. You’re doing a really great job. Our customers are very happy. Your performance and your metrics look really, really solid. Can we put more business in the Lubbock area?’” Byron Johnson, site director for operations said.

Employees can earn around $40,000 with added benefits and possible incentives. They are now hiring experienced customer service agents with roles that pay $16.50/hr. However, some incentive opportunities can bring that up closer to $20/hr.

John Osborne, CEO & president of Lubbock Economic Development and Alliance, said taking this big step says a lot about the community of Lubbock and where the city is headed economically.

“350 jobs at this pay rate is really, really good for our citizens, gives them a chance to get a good-paying job. And we also see that VXI wants to continue to grow here and expand here. And that’s exciting. That’s a good indicator for us as a community that this is a great place to be,” Osborne said.

VXI said it will offer benefits, such as a 401K program and life insurance to the employees.

“This job is providing that opportunity that not very many call centers do…there are a couple of different things that we’re doing within VXI itself that our agents have an opportunity to take advantage of that could really be life-changing. Not only for what we’re doing right now but for the long-term,” Johnson said.

To learn more and apply for one of these positions, visit the VXI Careers website.

Walk-ins are also welcome. They are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at 2002 W. Loop 289, Suite 101.

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