LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of Chance Lee Copeland, 30, for murder.  Copeland was charged in an arrest warrant for the shooting death of Cassie Oden, 37, on Monday just after midnight. 

Police on Wednesday said, “Copeland was arrested at approximately 2:15 a.m. this morning [Wednesday morning] at the Stonehollow Apartments located in the 1500 block of East Cornell Street.”

An arrest warrant was made available after his arrest.

The warrant said police were called to a residence on East 2nd Street early Monday morning for the report of a gunshot victim in vehicle.  She was pronounced dead in the vehicle and later identified as Oden.

Police talked to a second woman who was in the vehicle.  She said the shooting happened in the parking lot of a game room at 407 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

According to the warrant, the second woman told police there was a disagreement between several people including Chance who was described as the “ex-husband or baby’s daddy” to one of the people involved in the disagreement.

Chance was later identified as Chance Lee Copeland.

Police tracked down another witness the day after the shooting.  He told police that Copeland called people to organize a meeting Sunday evening. The witness also told police that during this meeting in the parking lot of a game room, a woman got into Copeland’s vehicle, and he pointed a gun at her.

According to the warrant, the witness told police that Copeland was asking about “the dope.”  The witness told police that Copeland instructed the woman to call someone.

The woman left Copeland’s vehicle, the warrant said, and went back to a second vehicle to get her phone. But then the second vehicle began to drive away.  Copeland fired several shots into the second vehicle, according to the warrant.

Police said Preston Beadman, 24, was also injured by gunshots.  Beadman was treated a Lubbock hospital for moderate injuries, police said.

The warrant indicated there was a specific person the vehicle that Copeland wanted to target.  But names were blacked out in the warrant before it was released publicly, so it not certain if Beadman was the intended target. 

Copeland had been in trouble before.  A police report from February of 2018 said Copeland used a lamp to beat a man and a knife to stab the man’s foot. Police were told this beating went on for two hours. 

Copeland was charged with aggravated kidnapping in the 2018 case.  He had been released on bond in March of 2018, and the case is still pending.

He was held Wednesday in the Lubbock County Detention Center for murder.  His bond was not yet set on the murder charge, but prosecutors were recommending a $750,000 bond.   

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CORRECTION: Copeland was held in the jail as of Wednesday.