LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant made available on Tuesday provided new information into the murder charge against Joseph Contreras Sandoval.

Sandoval, 27, was arrested January 7, Lubbock Police said after a Crime Line tip. He was wanted for the shooting and killing of Edward Mayes, 33, on the night of January 1 at the Carriage House Hotel in the 900 block of East Slaton Road.

The warrant said surveillance video was obtained from the Carriage House.

“Two males can be seen on the video approach room #220, one tall and the other shorter,” the warrant said. “There appears to be words exchanged with Mayes when he answers the door and a very brief scuffle.”

A portion of the warrant said: “The shorter of the two males can be seen with a firearm in his left hand. He can be seen pointing the firearm in the direction of Mayes and the other male scuffling. The taller male steps back and the male points the gun toward Mayes. The two males then turn and run from the room.”

The shorter man was later identified as Sandoval.

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The name of the taller man was edited out of the public copy of the warrant.

The video showed Sandoval getting into the passenger side of a four-door pickup truck. The name of a woman in the driver seat was edited out of the public copy of the warrant.

The taller man went into another room and came out with yet another person. They went to the truck and got into the back seat – for a total of four people in the truck. The truck then drove off.

The warrant did not specify the exact nature of the argument or the cause of the scuffle.

Police said on Tuesday that officers are not searching for a second suspect. Sandoval remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Tuesday on a $500,000 bond.