LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant described the evidence that led police to charge Kassandra Aguayo, 29, with the murder of Ramon Flores, 66. Flores was found dead in his home November 11 in the 5400 block of Interstate 27.

The original police report said Flores had what appeared to be a gunshot wound, but police decided not to call it a shooting death. The arrest warrant provided a further explanation – accusing Aguayo of stabbing Flores.

“She told him she had watched Ray to make sure he died.”


The warrant said, “A family member was on the phone with Ramon Flores on the last day he was known to be alive. During that phone conversation a female voice can be heard in the background.”

“The family member stated Flores seemed shocked or surprised the female was there and told them he would call back and ended the call,” the warrant also said.

Family members told police Aguayo was Ramon Flores’ live-in girlfriend for a period of time and she perhaps still had a key to the house.

Police found and interviewed Aguayo.

5400 block, Interstate 27 (Nexstar/Staff)

“She stated she had last lived with Ramon Flores in February,” the warrant said.

She also told police she was at work the last time Flores was known to be alive. But police checked with her place of work and determined she lied.

Another witness was found and told police that Aguayo admitted she killed Flores.

“She told [the witness] she had put a bag over his head, and when that didn’t work she stabbed him in the stomach,” the warrant said. “She said the knife had broken, so [Aguayo] got another knife from the kitchen and stabbed him again.”

“She told him she had watched Ray to make sure he died,” the warrant said.

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Aguayo was booked Friday morning in the Lubbock County Detention Center and remained there on a $500,000 bond. Jail records said she was arrested in the 500 block of West 5th Street in Plainview.