An arrest warrant, made available Wednesday morning, provided a few more details about the shooting death of Landon Terry.   The warrant described Casey Owens, 38, as a jealous ex-boyfriend of the woman who lived at the location of the shooting. 

Lubbock Police were called Friday morning to the 6000 block of 88th Street because of a 9-1-1 hang-up call.  Officers found that Terry had been shot “four or five” times.  He was pronounced dead at University Medical Center.  

Owens suspected that Terry was dating the woman, but she told police she had not even met Terry until after Owens threatened him.  

The woman told police that she and Terry were Facebook friends.  She also told police that she believed Owens had a drug addiction to crystal meth.  

She told police that she was expecting Terry to come by Friday morning.  Before he arrived, she heard a strange noise in her home.  A police report said Owens was hiding in the home, and the woman did not know it. 

“She located Casey Owens in her residence,” the arrest warrant said. “She tried to call for help but Casey took her cellphone and he pulled out a black pistol from his backside waistband. He pointed the pistol at her face and threaten to shoot her.”

“Casey told her that he knows Landon [Terry] is coming over,” the warrant said. 

She went to her bedroom to call 9-1-1 from another phone.  She told police she thought Owens answered the front door when Terry came over.  She heard shots, and Owens ran off. 

Owens called police the next day to turn himself in.  He was held Wednesday in the Lubbock County Detention Center for murder on a $500,000 bond. 

Image of Landon Terry from friend 

The following is a portion of the arrest warrant which is a synopsis of the woman’s interview with police. has marked out the woman’s name: 

* Xxxxxx stated Casey Owens is her ex-boyfriend. 
* Xxxxxx ended the relationship due [to] Casey drug addiction to crystal meth. 
* Casey moved out of Xxxxxx’s residence in November. 
* On Thanksgiving day Xxxxxx drove Casey to The Treehouse Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Scurry,Tx. 
* Xxxxxx stated Casey returned to town Wednesday. 
* Xxxxxx met Landon Terry approximately two weeks ago. They had been Facebook friends but had not met until Casey contacted Landon and started threatening him via text messages. Casey accused them of dating. 
* Xxxxxx stated Casey started harassing her via telephone calls and text message. 
* On 12/11/2017 Xxxxxx’s reported to authorities that Casey Owen’s was following her and making threatening telephone calls. See LPD CN 17-42382. 
* Xxxxxx stated she had dinner with Landon Terry last night at his residence. Landon had mentioned he would bring her coffee in the morning to her residence. 
* Xxxxxx stated this morning she was in her living room and heard a noise in her front bedroom; she located Casey Owens in her residence. She tried to call for help but Casey took her cellphone and he pulled out a black pistol from his backside waistband. He pointed the pistol at her face and threaten to shoot her. Casey told her that he knows Landon is coming over. 
* Xxxxxx stated Casey hit her on … her head with the pistol. Xxxxxx tried to prevent Casey from answering the front door but he forced Xxxxxx into her bedroom. 
* Xxxxxx called 911 from her bedroom (landline). 
* Xxxxxx stated that Casey must have answered the front door; she went into the living room and saw Landon covered in blood. Landon was saying “HELP ME” “STOP”. Landon was trying to get away from Casey but Casey kept shooting at Landon. Xxxxxx stated she heard four to five shots. 

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