LUBBOCK, Texas– A report from the Lubbock Police Department provided more details Thursday about a weed deal gone wrong outside Walmart that led to a shooting Tuesday morning.

A juvenile was arrested, an adult was taken to a hospital and one more was taken to jail.

Just after 1:00 a.m., an officer was in the 1800 block of 3rd Street and heard several gunshots nearby.

The officer was informed of a gunshot victim by another officer in the area of 3rd Street and Avenue R. Police saw a red pickup truck stopped nearby on the westbound access road of the Marsha Sharp Freeway. That’s where an officer saw someone sitting near the truck and getting first aid for a gunshot wound. The juvenile was nearby.

The juvenile told police that he and the gunshot victim were there to sell the marijuana, but a gunfight started.

According to the report, the juvenile was reluctant to provide any information but eventually told the officer what happened.

The juvenile said he and the suspect went to meet four males behind Walmart, 1911 Marsha Sharp Freeway, for a marijuana deal, the report said.

Police found firearms and marijuana in the pickup, the report said. Additionally, an officer discovered one of the firearms was reported stolen.

The officer also found a black backpack that contained a large amount of marijuana, clear plastic bags, two digital scales, a bundle of cash and three cellphones, the report said.

The juvenile was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Justice Center by police. The gunshot victim was released due to receiving medical treatment.