LUBBOCK, Texas – For almost four decades, the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University has been a safe place for students struggling with addiction.

The center first opened in 1986 and was one of the first of it’s kind. Now, there are over 150 recovery programs like this across the country. George Comiskey, the Associate Director for External Relations said “Anything that someone might struggle with, as far as keeping them from being fully present to their education and their life, we’re going to support them.”

That could include drug addiction, alcohol, or behavioral addictions. The program offers housing, hosts meetings, and provides counseling, opportunities to study abroad, and they even offer scholarships.

Dr. Comiskey said at their largest, they’ve had around 120 students in the program at once. “We try to let them allow them to have as normal college experience as possible.,” he explained.

While students in the program may not spend their weekends like some of their peers, those at the center make it a priority to provide plenty of fun activities for them to take part in. This includes a TV room, ping pong tables, and games for them to engage in.

With the struggles and stress of college, finding independence, and navigating new chapters, Dr. Comiskey said this kind of environment is essential for successful recovery. “Young people are away from their homes and away from the first time being kind of looked after. It can be a real unsafe place for someone who’s in recovery. So, we are the safety spot for that,” he added.

For more information on the program visit their website here.