LUBBOCK, Texas — Two groups of volunteers from West Texas are in Florida helping people who their lost homes and other belongings during Hurricane Ian, representatives told on Monday.

The Red Cross of North Texas stopped in Orlo Vista, Florida on Monday morning.

“While we’re out here, today, we’re handing out food and supplies. We’re handing out cleaning kits, mops, brooms, other things to kind of help dry off the house. We’re offering financial assistance where appropriate, in addition to clothes they need,” said Brian Murnahan, Regional Communications Director for Red Cross of North Texas.

Murnahan said he’s seen families lose everything, including families that have already lost homes to previous hurricanes.

“We work with the county, the state and the federal government to actually assess whether or not these homes [have] minor damage, major damage, [or] total loss. That way, folks have the ability to start filing for their insurance, filing with the state to get some compensation, working with us” Murnahan said. “We have thousands of people in shelters across the state, including right here in Orlando.”

He said volunteers will be traveling to other areas needing relief through out the next several days.

“It’s just the impact. While it’s billions of dollars of physical impact, the impact to people is far greater,” he said.

Lubbock Power and Light traveled to Lakeland, FL last week to restore power to 65,000 people. As of Monday morning, crews were 95 percent of the way finished.

“We will be able to get the remaining 3,000 customers back up pretty quickly today, and we’ll probably work the next few days to help permanently rebuild some of these structures in that area. Hopefully, our guys can come home by the week’s end,” said Matt Rose, Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager for Lubbock Power and Light.