LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Baptist Men’s West Texas chapter is in Ruidoso this week to provide relief after fires wreaked havoc in the area. Volunteers from both Lubbock, Texas, and Amarillo, Texas, left Sunday afternoon to help residents in the area clean up and remove debris. 

Texas Baptist Men member Jason Morton said he’s grateful to be a part of a team in the efforts to help those who have been affected by this disaster.  

“I’m a part of this because it’s an opportunity for me to be able to give back to people that are in their darkest times,” Morton said.” Thankfully, I have the opportunity to be able to go and volunteer and help people during this time.” 

Members from the Lubbock chapter are joining a few teams that arrived a few days ago who have already been working to access where volunteers are needed the most.

“We already have volunteers up there that are cooking teams, shower and laundry trailer are already there too,” Morton said. “We also have our incident management team that’s looking over disaster sites and trying to help prioritize which jobs we’re gonna go do first.”

Morton said the team is working to contact homeowners in the area who may need their help. 

People can reach out to Ruidoso First Baptist Church, located at 270 Country Club Drive or call (505)226-5310.