LUBBOCK, Texas– South Plains Church of Christ Preaching Minister, Jim Brewer, said that churches across the country have been the target for mass shootings. As unfortunate, the reality, Brewer said it’s more important than ever that people feel safe to worship. 

“We certainly want people to feel a sense of peace here,” Brewer said. “So, I think knowing that knowing somebody is looking out for that, and being sure that we’re doing what we can to keep things peaceful.” 

Brewer also said that one step in that direction they’ve taken is establishing a safety team. A group of individuals who are trained on a series of emergency protocols

“We have people stationed in places who are part of our greeting ministry,” Brewer said. “Who are also aware of who else is coming in and out, if there’s anything that looks suspicious, or different. And we have a safety team that’s involved in all of our Sunday services as well.” 

Brewer said it’s not something anyone wants to plan on or have to prepare for. However, the safety concerns are there and a part of the risk around any public gatherings. 

“It’s a hard thing,” Brewer said. “We hate the fact.. It’s kind of like growing up. We never locked our doors when I was growing up, but very quickly as an adult we learned, yes, you lock your doors. So, we do our best to try to keep our family safe. And same thing here.”