On November 2, 1957 – 60 years ago – Levelland become home to one of strangest mysteries in U.S. history.  

A large bright object appeared to hover above several different roads outside of town, causing cars to lose power and shut off.  The object was described as egg or oval shaped by some.  Others said it was more like the shape of a torpedo or rocket.

All the eyewitnesses reported the object was very bright.  It was described as orange or blue to green.  Some described it like a fireball.  

One witness said it made a thundering or rumbling sound.

“I hit the ground, man,” said eyewitness Pedro Saucedo. 

Saucedo spoke in 2003.  

At that time, he said, “I start saying something’s going on here.  So, I hit the ground. It got almost to the top of the truck. That’s when the truck started shaking …”

Levelland police reported a total of 15 phone calls related to the bright object that night.   The then-sheriff of Hockley County, Weir Clem, reported seeing something strange about 300 yards ahead of him when he went out to investigate.

Possible explanations have been offered over the years such as a weather phenomenon like St. Elmo’s fire which is created by an electrical discharge in the atmosphere. 

Other possible explanations included a reflection of burning gas from low cloud cover, or an extremely rare weather event known as ball lightning.

UFO buffs say it remains one of the best cases to show that extra-terrestrial life visited our planet.

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(Video re-uploaded on April 17. 2020 due to technical issue)