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LUBBOCK, Texas — As more and more get vaccinated across the country, and here in the Hub City, many are still left with questions about when and how they can get the vaccine. 

Lubbock is still getting weekly allotments of the vaccine from the state, but city officials say they only know a few days before getting the next shipment how many doses there will be. 

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get vaccinated,” said Steve Massengale, co-chair of the Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force. 

Currently, only those in groups 1A and 1B are eligible to be vaccinated. That’s health care workers and people 65 and older or anyone 16 and above with a pre-existing health condition.

“We have a lot of population in Lubbock right now that falls under 1B. So, we are going to work as hard as we can,” said Massengale. 

Drive through clinics are available in the city but are only for those who physically cannot get out of their vehicles. And those wishing to get vaccinated do not need to bring any form of ID to do so.

But doctors stress that if you miss getting the second dose, it could lessen the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“The vaccine has 95% effectiveness that is with both doses, so we don’t know that it’s that effective with one,” said Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist, Larry Pineda. 

And while some side effects have been reported, most have been mild.

“Never in history has a medication or vaccine been tested in so many people so rapidly,” said Chief of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care at TTUHSC, Dr. Victor Test. “And the fact is that there are remarkable low incidences of side effects.”

But doctors say it can still take at least two weeks after getting the second dose to become immune, but any side effect could be a sign the vaccine is working.

It means that your body is reacting to the vaccine,” said Pineda. “It’s your immune body getting prepared. If at some point, your body encounters that virus, your body will be ready.” 

And while it might not be over yet, the finish line is in sight.

“This is the chance to try and move things back in the other direction, and we should try and take it if we can,” said Dr. Test. 

All vaccines are free for everyone, and folks can register to get the vaccine by calling the health department at 806-775-2933 or going on their website.

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