When should you stop for a school bus?

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LUBBOCK, Texas– With school back in session, buses are back on the roads picking up kids for their daily commute. As a driver, its important to remember the rules when it comes to those red flashing bus lights.

Texas state law requires drivers to yield to bus is stopped and operating a visual signal like red flashing lights or a stop sign and should proceed until the bus resumes motion, or the bus driver signals drivers to continue.

Drivers going the opposite direction MUST stop unless there is a physical barriers between the sides of the road. This does not include a road separated by a turning lane.

Sgt. Tim Seeley with Lubbock Police said this time of year is particularly important to pay attention.

“When we go two or three months with no buses and every fall we start seeing more buses, it’s very important people stop for those red flashing lights when they are loading kids and unloading kids,” he said.

First time offenders caught violating this law could face a fine up to $1000. However, penalties could increase for repeat offenders or if an individual is hurt as result of the violation.

“I’ve seen it myself with oncoming traffic and there’s only a turn lane between them. They completely disregarded the school bus red lights and went by them,” Seeley said. “The ultimate goal from a traffic and police department standpoint, and it should be for the citizens, is the safety of the kids going to and from school.”

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