LUBBOCK, Texas – If you’ve found yourself becoming frustrated by slow traffic on the South Loop, you’re not alone. talked to Lieutenant Brady Cross with the Lubbock Police Department on Thursday to get some answers as to why traffic seems to be consistently slow in that area.

“Entrances and exits on the loop are about a mile apart from each other,” said Lieutenant Cross.

This means people are getting on and off the highway at the same place, the right lane. Being in the south part of town, it is normal to see a heavier flow of traffic.

Lieutenant Cross suggested drivers “drive in the conditions of traffic.” In other words, drivers can “drive at a reduced speed when it’s necessary for operation.”

Drivers can reduce their speeds when conditions prompt them to do so such as in rain, snow, ice and even when you’re in the right lane of traffic preparing to exit or enter the highway.

Lubbock is a rapidly growing city, with the construction of Loop 88, there will be some growing pains.

Lieutenant Cross recommended drivers to “drive a little slower and be kind to fellow drivers.”

If you don’t need to be in the right lane for a couple of exits, try to stay in the middle or left lanes to help ease the flow of traffic in the right lane.

Although it may be an inconvenience for traffic to be at 50 miles per hour on the Loop, it is safe and legal for drivers to drive slower in the right lane of traffic as long as it doesn’t impede traffic.

Drivers should avoid driving at a slower rate in the middle and left-hand lanes as that can impede the flow of traffic and may result in a traffic violation.