LUBBOCK, Texas — The high temperatures cause a lot of people to lower the thermostat. 

The increased demand for energy is common during the summer.    

Lowery plumbing, heating and air conditioning’s operations manager Mark Branscome said we use a lot more energy when it’s hot.

“When it’s 105 degrees outside and you walk into your house and it’s 98,” Branscome said. “You know the difference and you know, it’s not right. You know you can’t sleep in that.” 

Air conditioning units are the biggest energy consumer in the house during the summer. This is why if it goes out, Branscome said getting it fixed can be urgent. 

“We’re open 24/7 and 365 days a year, holidays, weekends,” Branscome said. “There are no overtime charges. That’s why we do it because we know it’s an emergency.”  

There are small things people can do to maintain their A/C and keep their electric bills down, including closing the blinds, adjusting the thermostat, but not turning it off, and not running major appliances between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Lubbock Power and Light’s Matt Rose said they are asking customers to conserve energy to save money and help protect the power grids. 

The Lubbock Power and Light’s website offers a list of tips on how to save energy in your home. Rose said the alerts warning people about energy conservation is preventative but not meant to cause alarm. 

“Our reliability is strong, and all the transmission lines that we have built in this region of the state to connect with the ERCOT grid are now bringing more power into the ERCOT market,” Rose said.

Many of the suggestions are to encourage people to be more environmentally friendly. Rose said people should not be concerned about power shortages.

“We’re in a good position here in West Texas. We have a lot of transmission lines. We have generations, and we have a system that is reliable,” Rose said.