LUBBOCK, Texas– A lawsuit filed Monday by the widow of Chad Read is suing Kyle Carruth, along with his business, for a total of $50 million for a wrongful death.

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Jennifer Marie Read filed the lawsuit saying she and Chad went to his ex-wife’s place of business in an attempt to find the whereabouts of Chad’s youngest son, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit claims Carruth “interjected himself into the conversation” after Chad’s ex-wife, Christina Read, refused to tell Chad where his son was.

After Chad became frustrated with Christina’s “continued violations of the custodial arrangement,” they began arguing, the lawsuit said.

That is when Carruth went inside the business and came back out with a gun. The altercation between Carruth and Chad escalated, and Carruth fired at Chad, killing him, the lawsuit said.

According to the lawsuit, Chad had no history of violence and never physically harmed his ex-wife Christina. Furthermore, Chad only approached Carruth aggressively after Carruth fired a weapon in Chad’s direction, the lawsuit said.

Carruth was not standing his ground, nor was he acting in self-defense, the lawsuit said. Carruth was the aggressor in a non-violent situation, which led to the wrongful death of Chad, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit at one point demands $100 million saying, “Plaintiff prays for judgment against Defendants in the amount of one hundred million dollars…” But it also said the demand is for $50 million. reached out to the attorneys to get clarification. They said $50 million is the correct amount.

CLICK HERE to read the petition filed in Lubbock.