LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, the wife of Chad Read, a man shot and killed November 5, released the video of the confrontation leading up to and the shooting itself.

Updated Story Link: Kyle Carruth attorney makes case for self-defense after deadly shooting of Chad Read

The video was released by attorney Matthew L. Harris, who is representing Read’s widow, Jennifer. It was released in conjunction with a petition that seeks to take custody of Chad’s children from his ex-wife Christina Read.

WARNING: The video below may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to the release, the video depicts William “Kyle” Carruth shooting and killing Read during a confrontation.

As of Wednesday, Carruth had not been arrested or charged with a crime. While his name was associated with the shooting in family court documents, police have not officially released his name because he has not been charged.

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Read the press release from her attorneys below:

Jennifer Read, the widow of Chad Read, has filed a Petition today seeking to take custody of Chad Read’s children from their mother, Christina Read. Because the new Lubbock Public Access System makes this information available to the public, and the likelihood of the information contained in her Petition and Affidavit being obtained by the media, she has decided that it is best to simply release the information directly instead of waiting for it to be discovered.

The decision to take this step has not been easy, and she respectfully declines any requests for interviews at this time. There has been a lot of speculation in the media, and on social media, regarding the events of November 5, 2021. Rather than restating what is already stated in her Petition, and Affidavit attached thereto, Jennifer Read is releasing the video of Kyle Carruth’s shooting of her husband and allowing the video and Affidavit to speak for themselves.