Wine bottles are getting a new look, supply chain shortages are to blame

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LUBBOCK, Texas– The supply chain shortages have caused global wine glass bottle delays. Orders that would ordinarily be filled in a matter of weeks are taking months to arrive. English Newsom Cellars Production Manager Roman Cuevas said glass bottles are becoming harder and harder to come by.   

“Six weeks is doable, but six months to eight months for glass tends to kind of,” Cuevas said, “It changes the plans that we have in the cellar.”

Many issues that are related to delays are transportation and backup orders. Suppliers and manufacturers are faced with prioritizing production which means pushing orders back and limiting what type of bottles can be ordered. Cuevas showed which bottles he can currently order and ones that are off the table.   

“This one is almost impossible to find between any company I’ve gone to. They tell me that they have no plans to make it,” Cuevas said.

English Newsom Cellars have had to get creative and make production changes like keeping the wine in tanks longer than normal, but the problem is causing big setbacks and costing them big time. 

We’ve kind of made contact with several different glass manufacturers, and we’re kind of getting the same story,” Cuevas said. “Rather than spending $12 a case on a glass, you’re looking at $18 a case class, you know, and a year ago it was $7. So, you know, it’s almost like a 250% increase in the cost that we have to pay.” 

The glass bottle shortage isn’t expected to recover for the next 2 years, but English Newsom is doing all they can to prevent it from hitting their customers’ wallets.

“So it’s not easy, and I mean prices may increase in the teaching room, ”Cuevas said. “I doubt that more than likely what ends up happening is we shift to doing more events in the tasting room.”

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