Witnesses told Lubbock Police about angry driver, road rage before shooting

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LUBBOCK, Texas– Two witnesses in a vehicle revealed details leading up to a shooting that police said stemmed from a road rage incident near Downtown Lubbock on Monday.

Lubbock Police responded to reports of the shooting at the La Quinta Hotel at 602 Avenue Q. Margreta Zamarripa, 66, was identified as victim, according to police.

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She told police that while she was leaving work, she pulled onto Avenue Q. Shortly after she was on Avenue Q, the passenger of the vehicle next to her was yelling and cursing at her, according to an arrest warrant.

Zamarripa said she did not know why the passenger was angry. Then, the warrant states the passenger rolled down the window to yell at her.

When she put her attention back on the road to drive, Zamarripa told police she heard a loud “pop” and thought she possibly had a tire blowout, according to the warrant.

Zamarripa said she felt her legs go numb, reached down to feel her leg and found blood on her hand.

She said she was unable to use her legs and steered the vehicle into the parking lot of La Quinta, the warrant states.

Confession from two witnesses

A witness told investigators she and her sister were in the vehicle with Rodriguez at the time of shooting, the warrant states.

She said Kasimiro Rodriguez, 19, was driving north on Avenue Q when a vehicle almost collided with theirs. The witness said this made her angry, so she was yelling and cursing at the driver, according to the warrant.

Then Rodriguez, according to the warrant, pushed the witness back against her seat and reached his arm across her toward the driver of the other vehicle. She said she heard a “loud bang.”

She said she was not aware that Rodriguez had a gun with him.

The witness told police that Rodriguez turned west from Avenue Q and began to drive through the neighborhood, consistent with video footage that was obtained from various businesses near the area of the incident.

After they got back to the witnesses’ home, they discussed going to the police department so Rodriguez could explain what happened and turn himself in, according to the warrant.

However, according to the witnesses’ mother, she believed that Rodriguez’s parents talked him out of turning himself in.

Rodriguez remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on aggravated assault, sale of alcohol to a minor and no driver’s license, according to jail records. His bond totaled over $150,500.

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