WOLFFORTH, Texas — Wolfforth Mayor Mike Wright, City Manager Darrell Newsome, and Associate Judge Karen Newsome turned in their resignations during a city council meeting Monday night.

After the meeting on Monday, the Wolfforth City Council has five open positions to fill, including mayor, city manager, secretary, city engineer, and an accountant position.

Wolfforth City Attorney Michael Guervara said Wolfforth’s Police Chief, Rick Scott, has taken over many of the executive responsibilities along with many of the roles of the city secretary until further notice.

“That’s a lot of responsibility to take on, but if anybody I know around here in the city of Wolfforth can do it, it’s Chief Scott. He’s a very capable and good man, and a high integrity man,” Guervara said.  

Guervara said it will be difficult to replace former city manager Darrell Newsome because he has served the council for 11 years.

“Darrell Newsome was a wealth of information being a local guy growing up in the area. He knew so many people. We’re going to be in a loss for that,” Guervara said.

One local resident, Raul Hernandez, said he was sorry to see the officials leave. He’s known Darrell Newsome for years, but he believes it will all work out.

“Knowing Wolfforth, it’s a good community. It’s still a good council here. I know a lot of people on the council. It’ll work itself out,” Hernandez said.