LUBBOCK, Texas — Parents and coaches in Wolfforth voiced their concerns with Frenship Youth Baseball about the condition of the baseball fields.

Parent & former professional baseball player Bobby Livingston said the fields are not safe for the kids to play on.

“The whole issue should be about kids’ safety,” said Livingston. “I know it’s not just FYB. It’s the city parks too. I mean, you got two-foot size holes out there.”

FYB runs five fields in Wolfforth and has rental contracts around the city. While FYB is not responsible for the maintenance of the fields outside of Wolfforth, they do hold accountability for the kids’ safety.

Parents are not the only ones to speak out on the issues. Founder of Game Changer & baseball coach Johnny Gaines said the challenges have caused him not to want his kids to play on the fields.

“My number one priority as a coach, and any coach at any level, is my kids’ safety. I mean, that’s first and foremost,” said Gaines.

The concerns involve the maintenance of the fields and some of their locations. An April shooting near Lewis Park during a baseball game presented another example to parents of their children’s safety.

A few weeks after the incident, FYB announced they had canceled the rest of the games that were scheduled on that field.

The decision not to allow further baseball games at Lewis Park didn’t appear to ease parents’ concerns. Many parents said that’s not the only problem. They believe the fields themselves are unsafe and not kept up to regulated standards.

“The maintenance of the fields or even the renovations. We can’t even use the restrooms out in Pearl Hoffman without being able to see between the stalls,” said Gaines.

Frenship Youth Baseball’s President, Dylan Hogg, said they are aware of some of the parent’s criticism, but they are a nonprofit with limited resources.

“I guess the way I look at it is roman wasn’t built in a day,” said Hogg. “We don’t have unlimited sources. We do not have unlimited funds. So, we have to make sure to plan. We are only able to do so much each year.”

Hogg said he believes everyone wants the same thing; a safe place for the kids to play.

“We’re always advocates for the youth and pouring money into our kids,” said Hogg.

Frenship Youth Baseball is not affiliated with Frenship ISD.