LUBBOCK, Texas – A woman, Christianna Cano, 20, was arrested and accused of pepper-spraying two employees Sunday at Walmart, 11415 Quaker Ave., then robbing the store, according to a Lubbock Police report.

According to the police report, surveillance footage showed what appeared to be the woman pretending to scan her items at self-checkout, then walking toward the grocery exit.

A Walmart employee stopped the woman and asked to see her receipt which she could not provide him. As she looked for the receipt, another employee walked up and noticed she had pepper spray, which they asked if she was planning to use, and she said she was not.

She then proceeded to spray toward the basket, the two employees in the face and leave the store.

The woman said she was sick, and the employee was standing too close and “looking at her wrong.”

An officer pulled the woman over in a Ford pickup, along with a man in front of Stripes at 114th and Quaker, and the woman was arrested.