LUBBOCK, Texas — A woman was indicted Tuesday on multiple counts of child endangerment by a Lubbock County grand jury.

Dunia Galindo Pineda, 22, was arrested in July 2022 after her children were found wandering on a roadway near 36th Street and Avenue K unsupervised, according to a police report. The report said one of the children was only wearing a diaper and they were seen walking barefoot on the hot asphalt.

According to the police report, Pineda told police she walked to the store to get some milk and left her children in the bedroom watching cartoons. She also told police she did not think the children could get out of the house.

Responding officers said the home was “in disarray and dirty.” The officers saw cockroaches crawling around, according to their report.

Child Protective Services removed the children from the home and Pineda was taken into custody  

As of Tuesday afternoon, Pineda remained in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a bond $5,000.