LUBBOCK, Texas — A former employee of the Walmart on South Loop and Quaker recently went viral on Tik Tok for the way she quit her job. 

After almost two years of working at Walmart, Shana Ragland decided that she had had enough.

“I loved it at first. I truly did and I wanted to keep that job for a long time,” said Ragland. 

Ragland worked as a cap 2, an employee that unloads trailers and organizes stock. But she claims that her managers and co-workers created a toxic work environment for her and other employees

“They set a standard and expected us to follow another one. It was pretty bad all around,” Ragland said. 

She said at times they made sexist comments to her or acted racist toward other employees.

“They would say some very nasty things to me at a very young age,” said Ragland. 

A week ago when ragland decided to quit, she got on the loudspeaker and called out her managers and coworkers by name, then posting the video to Tik Tok. 

“I said those things because there are young girls that work there and they are so sweet and I knew for a fact if I reported those things they would have gone unnoticed,” said Ragland. 

The video now has over 24 million views, and Ragland says she doesn’t regret quitting in the way she did. But she hopes that her message is heard by more than just those who were shopping at Walmart

“Anytime society or managers listen to anybody it’s when you are upset and you are at your last straw and you do something like this so I felt like I had to do it not for myself but for those girls, those black associates, for everybody,” said Ragland. 

Walmart spokesperson, Anne Hatfield, said in a statement about the incident: “Walmart is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and we take every allegation very seriously. We have spoken with the person in the video and are actively looking into her claims. Walmart does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business.”