LUBBOCK, Texas– One woman was hit by gunfire, a police report said, after multiple shots were fired into her home in East Lubbock early Tuesday morning.

At approximately 1:15 a.m., an officer responded to the home in the 4300 block of East 61st Street in reference to a shooting, according to police.

The officer arrived to find the door open and people yelling, the report said.

Two witnesses surrounded the woman victim who was on the floor.

According to police, the woman was unconscious on the floor and had blood all over her shirt, shorts and arm. The officer identified two injuries on the victim’s left forearm, and he placed a tourniquet on her arm while he continued checking for other wounds, the report said.

The officer was concerned with the amount of blood on the victim and wanted to be sure she had no other injuries. So, he cut the victim’s clothes off to see if there were any other injuries on her body, flipped her over and made sure there were no injuries on her back, the report said.

The officer confirmed the two injuries on the victim’s forearm before EMS took her to Covenant Medical Center, according to police.

The officer located multiple spent shell casings on the west side of the front of the home to collect as evidence. Additionally, a blood trail went from the front porch to the middle of the yard. The blood trail also went all through the home from the front door to a bedroom, the report said.

Police also located three security cameras outside and around the home and attempted to access them from the victim’s phone, as that was the only way to access any footage to find possible leads on any suspects, the report said.

While the officer was searching for the phone, he found Ecstasy and marijuana in one of the bedrooms.

At the time of this report, the victim was in stable condition.

There were no further updates on the case Thursday, including any descriptions of a possible suspect.