Cora Crane, 29, pleaded guilty to improper sexual activity on Friday. She was sentenced to six years deferred adjudication.  In simple terms, if she stays out of trouble and completes probation, she will not have to spend time in prison. 

Crane was indicted last year for having sexual relations with a prisoner in the Montford Unit.  Crane was an employee of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center which provides certain health services to the Montford Unit.

The offense date was listed in the indictment as May 13, 2016. 

“Sexual abuse (staff-on-offender) includes any of the following acts performed on an offender by a staff member, contractor, or volunteer with or without the consent of the offender,” the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Handbook said in 2017.  

The handbook went on to list specific sexual acts.  Offenders cannot consent with non-offenders in a Texas prison unit. It is considered a civil rights violation for staff, contractors or volunteers to do so.