LUBBOCK, Texas — File this under stories almost too crazy to be real. A local woman said she was seriously hurt by a bullet — but no, she wasn’t shot. Instead, the bullet just “fell from the sky.”

“I got hit in the head just out of nowhere… I could have been dead. He could have killed me, or she. Whoever shot the gun could have killed me,” Sandra Martinez said.

Picture the scene: you’re out with your family on the Fourth of July having a barbecue and watching the fireworks light up the sky. Then, boom. Out of nowhere, something whacks you on the head, and pain shoots through your body. You look down to find a bullet. That’s exactly what happened to Martinez.

Thankfully, she is doing okay now, but around 10:00p.m. on the Fourth of July, she said celebratory gunfire landed her in the hospital.

“You know, be careful what you’re doing because what goes up comes down, and it went down somewhere and it hit me,” Martinez said.

You don’t have to be Sir Isaac Newton to know the law of gravity, but Martinez learned proof of that — the hard way after the bullet fell from the sky and hit her head, leaving her with five staples.

“It went in one end, and it came out the other… I couldn’t believe that it was an actual bullet that hit me,” Martinez said.

She was watching fireworks with her family in the front yard of a friend’s house when suddenly, she felt a sharp pain and saw red.

“It felt like somebody had smashed a hammer on my head basically — after I saw the blood on my hand, it started coming down on my face… It was scary,” Martinez said.

At first, she thought a rock hit her until her friend discovered a small golden bullet on the ground. Martinez was in shock.

“Why am I still standing here? What’s going on? Why am I still talking?” Martinez said.

It’s the definition of a freak accident. Someone shot a gun up in the air to celebrate the holiday, and the falling bullet struck her skull.

She went to the emergency room at University Medical Center where Martinez said the nurses and even Lubbock Police were incredulous she was functioning.

“They couldn’t believe it either. They couldn’t believe that I walked in the hospital, that I drove in the hospital, they couldn’t believe it…. They told me ‘You should have been worse than what you are right now,'” Martinez said.

Since then, she has had the staples taken out, but she still lives with a scar. She said she didn’t hear or see any gunfire leading up to her injury — likely masked by the popping of fireworks. She also tried to keep the bullet, but LPD has taken it into evidence.

Martinez is grateful to be alive, and now it’s a story she’ll share the rest of her life. But she’s also grateful the bullet hit her and not her nearly one-year-old granddaughter she was holding in her arms.

“I thank God. I believe he was watching over me that day,” Martinez said.