LUBBOCK, Texas– Court records obtained Thursday revealed new information about the person indicted, Brittany Gonzales, for the deaths of her cousins Joe and Jennifer Garza.

Gonzales, 28, along with her cousins, were at Charley B’s celebrating Jennifer’s birthday, according to the warrant.

On January 7, Lubbock Police responded to a one-vehicle crash in the 4600 block of 4th Street, and Gonzales was the driver.

Joe and Jennifer Garza both died as a result of the crash, according to police.

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According to the warrant, Jennifer called another cousin asking if she could pick her up from the bar because she had been drinking.

When the cousin showed up at the bar, Jennifer and Joe Garza and Gonzales all came out from the bar to talk to her.

When their cousin told Jennifer to get in the car with her, Gonzales, according to the warrant, told Jennifer to ride with her instead, because they were going to the same place to pick up their children.

According to the warrant, Jennifer agreed to leave with Gonzales instead of their cousin. However, the cousin said she would follow Gonzales to make sure they made it safely to their destination.

The cousin, according to the warrant, said she began following Gonzales when the light at 4th Street and Slide Road turned red. She said she stopped at the light, but Gonzales continued eastbound on 4th Street at a high rate of speed.

Once the light turned green, the cousin said she could not see Gonzales’ vehicle. According to the warrant, the cousin ran over some debris in the roadway, which caused a flat tire.

The cousin said she pulled into the Sonic parking lot at 4th Street and Quaker Avenue. She said she tried to call Jennifer’s cellphone, so that they could help her with her flat tire.

According to the warrant, the cousin called her mother to come and pick her up. After the cousin was picked up, she learned Jennifer, Joe and Gonzales never made it home.

They decided to drive around looking for them when they noticed EMS, police and Lubbock Fire Rescue in the area of the crash, according to the warrant.

Gonzales appeared intoxicated on the scene, according to the warrant.

Gonzales was previously indicted for possession of a controlled substance in July 2015. However, the case was dismissed in May 2017, according to court records, because Gonzales completed a drug treatment program.