LUBBOCK, Texas– A victim at a Central Lubbock apartment complex said in a police report that she was targeted by a suspect who thought she was involved in another shooting.

The victim told officers she heard shots fired about 5:20 a.m. Monday in the 5600 block of 48th Street but did not walk out of her apartment until 10:45 a.m., according to a Lubbock Police report.

It was only then she realized that her vehicle was damaged from gunshots.

The victim’s neighbors also had damage to their vehicle and apartment, police said.

The victim told police this was not the first time her vehicle was shot at. She said the suspect, who was not named by police Tuesday, believed she was involved in a shooting that occurred at the suspect’s home.

The victim denied knowing anything else about why the suspect targeted her, police said. She also had a text from the suspect saying, “u weird h** dets why i shoot ur sjit ip again.”

Police told the victim to hold on to the snapshot as evidence.

There were no further updates from police Tuesday. The case remained under investigation.