LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police were called to the 5600 block of Brownfield Drive over the weekend for shots fired.

A police report said, “Within the same approximate time frame that this incident occurred a gunshot victim arrived at Covenant Medical Center. Due to the nature of the two calls and similar times, the two are possibly involved.”

The police report estimated the timing of the shots to be late Saturday night close to midnight or early Sunday morning.

Someone told police she heard a loud bang but did not think much of it at first.

“She did not initially think to call police but then noticed a bullet hole in her bedroom closet,” the report said.

Police looked and found a window with three bullet holes next door.

Another person from that second residence then showed up on scene. He told police he was out at a bar when he got a notification from his security camera app. The camera depicted someone knocking on the door. He called home and talked to a woman who was then listed as the victim.

“[The victim] had shot [someone] after he tried to get in through the back window,” the police report said.

“She was in another room when she heard [someone] attempting to get into the bedroom through the rear window,” it said. “[The victim] advised that she got the listed firearm, did not provide a warning, and fired 3 times into the window.”

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She told police she did not hear any noise after that. When asked why she did not call police, she said she could not find her phone. Police did not believe her.

Police found out one of the people who lives in the house was not allowed to have a gun. The police report also said there was a “small amount” of weed.

“Blood droplets were observed from the front door to the driveway of the apartment building,” the police report said. reached out to Lubbock Police to get an update on the condition of the gunshot victim. An update was not available yet. Police on Monday continued to say the gunshot victim and the shots-fired case “may have been related.”