LUBBOCK, Texas —  A woman was shot in the head from a possible drive-by shooting late Monday evening in the 5600 block of 48th Street, according to a Lubbock police report.

When police approached the victim, she had a graze wound with blood dripping down the left side of her face and in her hair.

The victim told police that during the incident, she was sitting in the apartment upstairs with her back facing the window when she heard around 8-12 shots fired, according to the report. The victim said there were others in the residence that were involved.

Police then made contact with another victim who was in the residence with the female who was shot. During the incident, this victim said he was sitting closest to the bedroom door and “felt a projectile fall” on his back but was not injured, according to the report.

Another victim inside the same residence heard 10 shots.

The last victim inside the residence was the boyfriend of the female who was shot. He was sitting to the right of her, according to the report.

When the last three victims in the residence were speaking to police, they said they “were expecting to be shot at, which is why they were sitting on the floor,” and the incident could be related to a separate report.

Earlier Report:

The separate police report from LPD occurred five hours earlier about a theft at the same residence. Three suspects entered the residence, took property and fled the scene, according to this previous report. The suspects were not located.

Current Report:

A few hours before the shots-fired incident, the boyfriend of the wounded victim said he had a feeling a suspect from the theft was in the area and would ‘retaliate.’ While he and the victim, who later had the projectile fall, were out visiting a friend, they took the long route home with a shotgun, according to the report.

When they returned to the apartment, the boyfriend of the wounded victim saw a gray Ford F-150 with about five people in it “looking hard” at him. He believed one of them was a suspect.

The boyfriend pointed the gun at the truck then told the other victim to go inside the apartment. The truck then fled the scene.