Woman’s car stolen twice in seven days

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A family is hoping their jeep is found, after it was stolen twice in just a few days. The first time it was taken from their driveway and it was caught on camera.

The worst part, is that Amanda Silva is just days away from delivering her little girl.

“It’s stressful, I’m trying to get ready to have a baby and our car gets stolen again,” Silva said.

Her bags are waiting by the door to head to the hospital and more worries just keep piling on.

“[I’m] just trying to get everything worked out so that we’re not super stressed out cause we really cant be right now,” Silva said.

Her 2014 maroon Jeep was taken right out of her driveway on Thursday.

“We’re laying in bed he just woke up and came to our bed, our doorbell camera went off and we realize people were going into our Jeep and drove away,” Silva said.

She got good news that police found it soon after.

“Saturday morning, they called and said they found it, so we’re like okay awesome,” Silva said.

However, just days after police found her stolen car, it’s gone again.

“When your car gets stolen, carseat [is] in the car, trying to figure out what you left in the car, [the] to and from work situation, if my water breaks, who am I going to call,” Silva said.

Silva thinks those same suspects came back the second time.

“For them to get in again, drive off and our camera not catch anything they had to be able to avoid the camera, or at least know about it,” Silva said.

She said she’s done everything to protect it.

“It’s crazy, we have a doorbell camera, we have porch lights, it’s not like we don’t have security precautions.”

Stay on the lookout for the maroon Jeep with the license plate number KJX9687.

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