Lubbock, Texas — A Lubbock woman was arrested Sunday morning and accused of driving while an officer was hanging onto her vehicle, said a Lubbock police report. 

The suspect was identified as Maritza Mellinger, 26. 

The report stated Mellinger had multiple arrest warrants and that she was pulled over early Sunday morning in the 5000 block of Indiana Avenue. 

The officer saw Mellinger’s vehicle pull into the 3400 block of 50th Street on the east side of a grocery store and approached the vehicle. 

In an attempt to pull Mellinger out of the vehicle, she had put her car in drive and “proceeded to drive forward with me hanging onto the vehicle and running alongside it,” said the report.

Despite driving off, police were able to arrest her a short while later. 

According to jail records, she was taken into custody in the 3700 block of 100th Street.

Mellinger was transported and booked at Lubbock County Detention Center for evading arrest in her car, resisting arrest and causing injury to the officer with her vehicle.

As of Wednesday morning, Mellinger remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling more than $130,000, according to jail records.