LUBBOCK, Texas — “Wridz” is a new rideshare app like Uber and Lyft, but they said they come with a few modifications like safety and price.

Wridz was in the works for about four years out in Austin, and during the brainstorming process they came out west to do some test trial in Lubbock.

“Just from input and listening to drivers and passengers, we kind of went back to the drawing board, did some reprogramming and some updating, and everything.” Steve Wright, CEO of Wridz, said.

The app has been up and running in Lubbock for one month.

“It’s similar to what you already know about ordering a car to get from point A to point B. But right is doing that much, much better. They’re doing it cheaper, they’re doing it safer.” Debbie M., a Wridz Driver said.

Both Debbie and Wright said the app has safety features you probably wouldn’t think of.

Debbie is one of Lubbock’s first Wridz drivers.

“They are the only company that is drug testing their drivers. And that’s huge. They are doing a full criminal background check on the drivers as well as continual criminal activity monitoring,” Debbie M. said.

“When a when a ride is requested by the passenger. on their screen, there’s a little square with a color color combination color, a number combination that is unique to that ride, as well as it shows on the driver screen.” Wright said.

The company also inspects each vehicle to make sure every passenger is getting the full experience at a cheaper price.

Debbi said “…the goal is about 10% cheaper than the competition.”

Drivers can join at anytime.

“Wridz is operating on a subscription basis for the drivers. So the driver pays a flat monthly fee to rides to use their platform, and then we keep 100% of the fare and the tips,” Debbie said.

Debbie also said Wridz is making her more money than she ever expected as a rideshare driver.