LUBBOCK, Texas — The Wuensche family with deep ties to Lubbock made the Guinness World Records and brought Texas Tech University in too for “most family members to graduate from the same university.”

The family posted about it Thursday on social media.

GWR wrote, “The most family members to graduate from the same university is 44, and was achieved by members of the Wuensche family (USA), who graduated from Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas, USA, as verified in July 2022.”

Wuensche family who graduated from TTU — image from Texas Tech University

GWR explained how Amber Wuensche Parker read an article on the previous record-holders. The family realized there were enough Texas Tech graduates to break the record.

Parker was quoted by GWR as saying, “So many of the Wuensche family members are VERY excited about this attempt.”

It comes just in time for the 100th anniversary of Texas Tech University in 2023.

“Aside from the direct family members to have graduated from Texas Tech, there are an additional 14 spouses who have also done so,” GWR said.

Parker said Thursday on her own Facebook page, “We have 44 family members that submitted paperwork, as well as 14 spouses. There are a total of 108 Wuensche family members that have attended Texas Tech since 1953.”

The family issued this statement:

The Wuensche Family, originally from Wilson, Texas, has attained a Guinness Book of World Records for the most family members that have graduated from the same university – Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

The previous record was 40 members of the Wayne family that attended Grambling State in Louisiana.

The Wuensche family beat this record, with 44 members graduating from Texas Tech. There were also 14 spouses that turned in the necessary paperwork to Guinness.

There are 4 generations of the Wuensche family that have graduated, since Francis Wuensche Holden graduated in 1953 to recent graduate Andrew Simnacher in December 2021.

Evidence that was required was a copy of the diploma, birth certificate, and a letter from the registrar on proof of graduation.

44 family members turned in the paperwork, out of a total of 52 graduates. 14 spouses also turned in paperwork, out of a total of 27 Tech spouse graduates. A total of 108 members of the Wuensche family have attended Texas Tech University.

There are 4 members of the Wuensche Family currently attending Texas Tech, that includes 3 family members enrolled as freshman in the fall of 2022. Six Wuensche family members have expressed interest in attending Texas Tech in the future, so the legacy continues.