LUBBOCK, Texas – A landscaping style that’s becoming more popular in Texas and here in the Hub City for being more adaptable in its hot, dry climate.

Xeriscaping is nothing new. It takes most of the grass on the land and removes it, adding more rocks or turf and native plants that are more adaptable to drought conditions. Those at King Nursery in Lubbock said they saw an uptick in customers wanting this type of landscape.

Matthew Helm, and employee at the nursery said, “It’s easier, not as frequent of maintenance is required, I think is the big thing.”

Some of Texas’ native plants include neomexicana agave and blonde ambition grass. Helm said those make a great combination, and added drift roses will give the space a good pop of color.

Xeriscaping is also great for the colder months according to experts as these desert-type plants are ‘hard to kill.’

Director of Water Utilities, Aubrey Spear is also a fan of xeriscaping. He explained, “We really call it more of a smart scape… we can use that ‘smart’ scape to help everything look really good and still conserve water.”

The cost to xeriscape varies from yard to yard but doing research and maybe putting in the physical work by oneself can save some of that money.