LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Department of Public Safety said Tuesday that highway patrol will increase its enforcement between December 23 through December 26 and again for the weekend of the New Year.

Sgt. Johnny Bures with DPS said law enforcement will be looking for people committing any traffic violations including speeding, not wearing seatbelts, or driving while intoxicated.

“Christmas is a time for people to spend with family and friends — and to celebrate the holidays — but the last thing we want them to do is to regret any of their actions while they’re out celebrating,” said Dianah Ascencio, the Public Information Officer with the Texas Department of Transportation for the Lubbock District.

TxDOT said last holiday season there were 58 alcohol-related crashes — and one fatality — in the Lubbock district. The agency said they hope to get that number down to zero.

“Those numbers — they’re not just statistics. They represent real people — real families — whose lives have been changed for forever,” Ascencio said, adding, “And that’s why we’re urging drivers this holiday season to make sure that they have a sober ride home.”

TxDOT said if you plan on drinking, call a rideshare service, use public transportation or have a sober friend take you home.

“Your sober ride is not the person who has had the least amount of drinks. Your sober ride is a person that has not had any alcohol to drink,” Ascencio emphasized.

Both agencies encouraged people to plan ahead for their celebrations.

“You can’t put a price on somebody’s life. That’s not a price that we want anyone to have to pay,” Sgt. Bures told KLBK News.

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