‘You got to be kidding me:’ spider, monkey stolen from Walter’s World of Pets

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LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s a wild story in more ways than one. You wouldn’t expect Walter’s World of Pets to be a hunting ground for shoplifters, but on October 12, a man stole a spider, of all things, from the store.

“It’s just like you got to be kidding me … We have a cabinet full of [spiders] that remains locked. He had us open it for him, so he was looking through them, and then, he asked my employee that was helping him to get him some crickets,” said Brandon Hise, manager of Walter’s World of Pets.

When the employee looked away, the man put the spider in his pocket, walked off and then walked out of the store. This year, Hise said theft has become a serious problem.

“It seems like every time we turn around lately, something is missing or I find a box on the shelf with nothing in it,” Hise said.

In April, someone broke into the store in the middle of the night, smashing the front door and setting off the alarm, but Hise said they found only one thing missing — a baby Spider Monkey named “Myles Henry” who is worth about $14,000.

“[The thief] knew exactly what he wanted … You’re furious, you’re upset, you’re sad … [Myles Henry is] like a little person. He’s a little kid, he’s our little kid. We walk him around, he wears a diaper,” Hise said.

They were worried sick, but in a stroke of luck, he was actually found safe that very night — all thanks to Lubbock Police officers who connected the dots. Hise said they wanted to thank LPD for all their help.

“It was about three hours after we originally called. Some police [officers] responded to a domestic violence call and found a monkey there, so they called us and said ‘Hey, I think y’all might be missing a monkey,’ and we were like ‘Yeah!” Hise said.

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