LUBBOCK, Texas – Earlier this week, Seagraves Superintendent Joshua Goen was charged with invasive visual recording after a camera disguised as a phone charger was accidentally found inside a girls’ locker room.

This whole incident has brought up the important conversation of secret recording devices and how to look out for those disguised as other objects.

Lubbock Police provided some tips Thursday on how to be more aware of one’s surroundings. Corporal Tony Leal said some of the hidden cameras can be as small as a thumb.

“With technology advancing so rapidly, you can always fit those in the small objects. And so you just have to be vigilant,” he explained.

He added that any object small enough to fit a camera could be a recording device in disguise. For example: clocks, thumb drives, coffee mugs, glasses, and caps are just several of the many types.

Leal suggested going online and researching the many kinds available for purchase to know what to look out for.

He said that when a person enters a hotel room, a gym locker room, a fitting room, or any other place with the expectation of privacy, it’s important to scan the room and if possible… unplug the Wi-Fi router to cut off any connections.

“If it’s not storing locally, and it’ll use the Wi Fi signal to broadcast, if you cut that Wi Fi signal off, then anything that’s recording to that Wi Fi router, or broadcasting through the Wi Fi router won’t be transmitted,” he explained.

He said that it becomes illegal to record someone without their consent once the intent is to expose someone’s intimate areas. If one is trying to monitor their home or business, that is completely legal.

He emphasized that Lubbockites shouldn’t be living in fear, but instead be aware of their surroundings.

If one believes they’ve found a hidden camera, they can turn it into LPD to have them check it out. There are also devices that are easy to buy, and they can detect a Wi-Fi signal. They’ll help find these hidden cameras and anything else putting out a Wi-Fi signal.