A grand jury on Tuesday indicted Justin Fitts, 18, of Lubbock for online solicitation of a minor.  Fitts was accused of sending inappropriate messages to a 16-year-old girl.  

The indictment said Fitts on or about May 1, 2017 sent the girl messages saying he wanted to have sexual relations with her “and/or … sexually explicit photos.”

Court records said there were two previous police reports in which Fitts “keeps sending females obscene photographs of his penis and he keeps asking for sex.” 

When police investigated the current case, police found inappropriate images were sent to the 16-year-old girl.  The girl said she was afraid Fitts was watching her, and the girl’s mom also expressed fear, according to court records.

Court records said the charge was a second-degree felony.  Fitts was arrested in October, and he was able to post bond to be released from jail.