LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Department of Transportation announced on Thursday, Oct. 26 that University and Quaker Avenue drivers will experience some traffic changes in the coming week due to work being done on the new Loop 88.

The traffic changes involve a reduction in the number of driving lanes so that they can safely get to work on the 154.8-million-dollar project to turn FM 1585 from a two-lane roadway into a six-lane freeway. spoke to a small business along 130th Street near University Avenue to see how it was affected by the incoming construction in that area. The small business, De Colores Furniture, said they notice the congested traffic since their business is right in the middle of it, however, they believe it’ll all be worth it when the project is done.

“We tell our customers to please come through Indiana Avenue so you don’t have to wait in the long lines,” Manager of De Colores Furniture, Leticia Barron said.

Barron doesn’t want her customers to have to wait in the long lines of traffic to get to their shop filled with hand-painted signs and wood furniture. She said she loves the look on customers’ faces when they walk in and see all the decor for the first time.

“This is all about the people and if it wasn’t for the people we wouldn’t even be standing,” Barron said.

According to Barron, the business hasn’t lost any customers since the work on Loop 88 began near the furniture shop. She believes part of this is because the driveways leading to the shop haven’t been blocked off. 

“We’re good as long as they kick those driveways open. We’re all right,” Barron said.

Barron said she won’t worry about the construction affecting the small business as long as TxDOT continues to keep them updated on what they are doing around the shop, which she said they are doing a very good job of now.

“A business like this and especially facing all of this construction – communication is top key,” Barron said.

While it’s not so easy to drive near University Avenue with the construction, Barron said the shop will be in a prime location when Loop 88 is finished.

“Once it is complete, we’re going to be on that access road and we’re going to be busy so however many years it takes, it’ll be worth it,” Barron said. “If everybody just hangs on a little bit longer, we’re all going to be okay, it’ll be good.”

According to TxDOT, the entire project will take more than a decade to finish, however, the lane closures near University and Quaker Avenue will clear up over the course of several months.