LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Power & Light has experienced a high volume of issues with scam calls during holidays.

A would-be victim who asked not to publish her name said she experienced a scam call on Thanksgiving.

“I get a phone call from from an 806 number and the LP&L automated system comes on they said this is just to let you know, we will have a person out to your house in the next two hours to do a disconnect. Please press one if you’d like to speak to a representative,” she said

When the would-be victim engaged with the phone call the scammers began to ask her for her home address after saying her payments didn’t go through.

“I said okay, well, let me get online and I’ll go ahead and pay it and he [scammer] started to ask me, ‘Well, what is your address?'” she said.

Spokesperson with LP&L, Matt Rose, said this is something LP&L is fully aware of and doesn’t go unnoticed.

“You’re going to see these in all industries, you’ll see him for the gas company, you’ll see him for the county courthouses, you’ll see him for all sorts of industries. It’s the same basic scam,” Rose said.

Rose said scammers at times will be succesfull as they ask their victims to do certain tasks.

“They will give specific instructions on how to pay them, that’s going to be far outside what you would normally do to pay your utility bill, they would say, go to your local CVS, and buy some sort of prepaid cards and then call us back with that amount of money,” Rose said.

According to Rose, the holiday scammers are well aware of the stress that individuals go through and attack, as these individuals are vulnerable.

“You would be amazed at how many times people believe this and follow through because they believe it’s a person of authority calling in demanding that they do something specific and they adhere to it,” Rose said.

Rose encourages the community to not engage with scam calls and if you do, you report the scam to the correct authority.

“If you want more information about scam artists, how to identify them and how to keep yourself safe. You can click here,” Rose said.