LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Animal Shelter is well over full capacity with about 250 dogs in their care. 

Their capacity is really supposed to be at 150, and once they get over 200 they have to start pairing up dogs in kennels, which doesn’t always bode well. To combat this issue, they transport dogs to locations across the northeast, where the problem isn’t nearly as prevalent. 

On Tuesday morning, LAS transported 30 dogs to different states. One went to a rescue in Oklahoma that specializes in special needs dogs, one went to New Hampshire that will be good as a service animal for a veteran.

They try to do a transport once a month, and from what they can tell, the dogs seem to get adopted within a week of getting settled into their new shelter. 

Megan Gray, the assistant director of Lubbock Animal Services, said they do great when they get there and the shelters love the dogs that are brought in from West Texas. 

“It’s really cool, because they’ve been here for like three, four, five, six months, and then they get adopted within a week at the receiving shelter,” she said. 

Now these transports absolutely help clear up some space in the shelter, but it’s not enough to get them all out. The longer they stay in the shelter, the more their overall health deteriorates. 

They will continue to transport as much as possible, because every animal deserves a second chance.

Anyone interested in adopting can visit Lubbock Animal Services website for more information.