LUBBOCK, Texas– Tis the season to hang Christmas lights, and did you know there is a magnetic option?

Shawn Genenbacher, owner of Lite-Netics, introduced the world to his idea on Shark Tank several years ago and since then his business has grown.

“We hit a target, a market that nobody has ever reached before,” Genenbacher said. “Now that has kind of boomed, mostly in the commercial businesses.”

Now that the holidays are here Christmas lights are popping up across town, and he said this is an easier option.

“It takes a fraction of the time of the traditional instillation adding all the clips and stuff,” Genenbacher said. “Just put it on like a magnet and you can stretch it tight and move in different directions depending on how you want it to look on your building.”

Residential buildings are also popular when it comes to these magnetic string lights, which are built to withstand rain, snow and heavy wind.

There are no nails, clips, screws and it does not ruin the integrity of the roof or building.

“There is no hassle to it, it’s easy to take down,” Genenbacher said. “[People] don’t spend hours of putting this stuff up and down, I think time is valuable to people.”

Although Christmas is a month away, Genenbacher said people began installing lights as early as August.

“People want to have their lights out longer – they are paying for it,” he said. “The longer they can keep them out the happier they are.”

Lite-Netics is sold to wholesalers, distributors and independent buyers, and this family-owned business is not stopping anytime soon.

“We are busy, I think like anyone else, but that’s why we are here to get this product out to people,” Genenbacher said.